Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back-up Software

Back-up Software ????????

plz tell me any software which can combine all the software in one file and can be extract after new windows installation or something like online back up my d: drive is full of softwares and i want to back up them in one file bcause they are all installed so i want to back them up

Assuming u are running win XP.
u can use Acronis True Image backup utility.
This software is just released and can backup applicationes.
Besides it's rather cheap.
Back-Up Help Please?

Ok my question is if i make a back-up for my computer now, after 2 months since i bought it, and my machine is not running good, so i want to make the back-up now before further inconvinients, will the errors and the interferiences save with the back-up and reinstall in my computer if i reinstall the backup?

help i need to do it today thank you

Yes, the backup you are making is of the current operating system, as it is today, along with all its flaws.

Consider using system restore, and rolling the computer back to an earlier date, when it was running well. THEN make a backup of the machine.
How can I back up some programs?

I got a virus on my computer and I want to start it back up from the way it came up, but I dont want to loose some programs that I installed after I got it how can I back up these programs?
Running back up files from one computer to the next?

can you run the back up disk, made from one computer to the next.? my daughter didn't back up her computer, now its not running right. Her restore will only go back three months, which is not back enough.
Looking for good back up software to back up to external hard drive?

I just bought a new Dell Inspiron notebook (XP Pro) to use for law school, and I would like to back up the entire hard drive weekly to a 300G LaCie external HD. What are my software options? Other suggestions welcome too. Originally, I was going to use Norton Ghost, but I have read too many horror stories and bad reviews about this one online. Basically what I need to do is back up all documents (Word, Excell, Powerpoint, etc...), settings, and all information stored in outlook. I will also be using a program by Aspen Publishers called Aspen study desk. I also need to back up all documents created in this application. Thanks!

I'd recommend you to use True Image by Acronis in order to accomplish all your backup tasks. Using this software you can easily backup applications' settings, Outlook files and files og the particular extension. Also let me approve your choice of a storage device because in my opinion an external drive is the best location for backup.

OK, for backuping data like word , excell, power point, etc; I suggest you to burn it into DVD using many kind of DVD Burning program, such as NERO Burning ROM, Sonic Record Now, etc.
I suggest you to burn into DVD because I'm tired for buying alot of External HD backup. And all of them end up with lost cluster, and worst physical bad sector. The company can give me a warranty for the External HDD by it self. But not the data.
So I suggest you to back up into DVD. Use DVD with Verbatim / Mitsubishi / TDK / other famous brand so it will last longer. This also same as I did.
All of my songs on iTunes have disappeared...?

there is absolutely nothing on my iTunes and i have no idea why! i have not plugged my iPod into the computer yet because i am afraid it will delete all of the songs still there as well. i tried dragging and importing my iTunes library, but nothing has worked. When i tired to import it, a window popped up saying "the file: 'iTunes library.itl' cannot be imported because it does not appear to be a valid exported file." when i tried "adding a file to library" and clicking on my iTunes library, all that happened was that all of the categories on the left-hand side were copied. please help!