Thursday, August 30, 2007

Backup Testimonials

Usually making backups once per 2 years (before reinstalling a Windows), I never got the point of paying for this kind of software. One can download it for free at, dude, I'm not so stupid as I seem. So once my girlfriend added Simplified Chinese to my Windows XP and things could not get worst - the language tab was lost and no way even to copy my PhD. In 3 a.m. Vyatcheslav told be what to do and it did made a sense.

Used WinRAR 3.6 for all kinds of file & folder transactions for 8 years. Worked with FAR since MS DOS was the only OS. But then my boss asked me to backup our corporative website. So I tried the copy + paste combination, but out of 5001 files 2 where lost and several more damaged. Not much? Enough! After looking trough several PCWorld reviews I installed five trials and this little tool turned right on time, launching every Sunday night, for which I get an e-mail notification Monday morning in my mailbox.

Sent my letter on Sunday morning, waiting that it will take to business days from Monday onwards, so I was surprised to get the answer in two hours from the support with a flash demo attached and detailed instruction how to fix my Windows Vista issue.

Den, software engineer, 26 looking to “backup winamp settings” downloads the plugin and leaves the site. He's busy, so he’ll check the files later. Coming home he opens the downloaded archive on his Flash card and finds nothing else than a .xml file with no hint what do next.

Office Backup managed to backup my Windows XP system registry in 32 sec, it took five minutes to backup 46 389 files in My Documents folder and a week to come to the desicion to buy the AOL plugin.

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